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Rendición de Cuentas 2017

Escoja con una (X) el tema que le gustaría que se incluyera:

1. Autoridad- Le compete regular, certificar, vigilar y controlar a todos los proveedores de servicios a la aviación, y sancionar el incumplimiento a los Reglamentos Aeronáuticos de Colombia (RA

Cambios realizados a la normatividad aeronáutica en el 2017

2. Proveedor de servicios: Aerocivil suministra los servicios a la navegación aérea, servicios aeroportuarios y servicios de instrucción a personal aeronáutico

Rediseño del espacio aéreo de Bogotá

¿Otro cuál?

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Water is important for our body. Without water, we will certainly soon die. Consequently, we need to take care of the water we drink. We need to also make sure that the water we make use of for food preparation and bathing is clean. Making use of chlorinated water is not advisable because it can trigger several illness.

Chlorine is dangerous to human beings as well as pets. Nonetheless, there are still other harmful effects brought on by this compound. It can trigger skin problems, respiratory system infections as well as food poisonings. It can also trigger cancer. As a result, it is really essential for us to make use of anti-bacterials in order to prevent such hazardous things from occurring to us and to our family.

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Making use of the Portable Disinfectant Water Generator Spray is simple. Just follow the directions on just how to utilize it. It does not require any kind of special expertise or know-how to utilize this tool. Simply put the containers in the tank. Then, just add the required quantity of water and rotate the deal with to spray the mixture right into the shower.

If you are going to utilize this shower head filter, make sure that the water will be enough to cover all of your family members. See to it that there will certainly be no obstruction in the pores of your skin. If you believe that there is a requirement to filter extra water, then you can acquire other devices to do that. The point is that you simply need to be accountable on ensuring that the chemicals used in the shower will certainly not harm you and your family members. So, start disinfecting your washrooms today!
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