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The governments of Colombia and France will work together on future tasks regarding training in air navigation and civil aviation.

Foto tomada el 22/02/2018,  

Impressive! that is how the French Ambassador, Mr. Gautier Mignot, described in his twitter account CEA´s THALES Simulator.

He and a delegation of top management members from France, visited the facilities of the Colombian Civil Aviation Authority.

The main objective of the visit was to highlight the important work carried out by the CEA in terms of personnel training that involves the aeronautical sector in Colombia. In addition, to showing the facilities and the operation of the THALES simulator.

Likewise, there was a room to discuss issues related to institutional strengthening through technical cooperation and plan future understanding agreements that allow to share knowledge and mobility of students and instructors between the two countries.

The meeting was chaired by Mrs. Gloria Eugenia Ramirez, Director of the Aeronautical Studies Center CEA, who welcomed and made a presentation of the CEA to the entire French delegation. This delegation had the opportunity to walk around CEA´s facilities, especially the THALES simulator.

The French delegation encountered a very qualified team of air traffic controllers leading instruction and training in air navigation tasks. 

During the visit, Ambassador Gautier Mignot had the opportunity to ask several questions to the staff who were with him, the answers given by the staff members showed great expertise in issues like air traffic control in Bogota under marginal weather conditions, air accident investigation processes and some specific activities with the instruction modeled in the simulator.

At the same time, from the Coordination of the Inter-Institutional Relations Group there was the possibility to talk with the delegation to discuss important topics such as the current agreement with the National Civil Aviation School (ENAC) of France.

ENAC currently offers more than 60 programs related to air navigation and aviation security. In an initiative that seeks to strengthen the mobility of instructors and students, the standardization of programs, the creation of training networks and the possibility of carrying out bilateral internships.

Also, there were proposals such as a large event between educational institutions and university entities in France and Colombia specialized in offering programs in the aeronautical sector. In order to strengthen many more links for the benefit of the aviation industry.

In addition, the possibility of having a speaker from ENAC at the Sustainable Airports Seminar that will take place at CEA this coming June was discussed.

All of this with the commitment of invigorating relationships and expanding the spectrum of possibilities between both countries.

In the middle of this meeting, Ambassador Gautier Mignot expressed his interest in receiving in France the visit of the current general director of the Colombian Civil Aviation Authority, Mr. Juan Carlos Salazar, who is expected to be able to coordinate the agenda for a future visit